About Us

We live in a society where people are becoming conscious of what they put in and how they maintain their bodies. Komodo Energy Drink is dedicated to the upkeeping of their drinker’s well-being and livelihood.

Replace that cup of coffee with a shot of natural energy! Komodo Energy Drinks are made with Hemp and include fortifying ingredients such as B3, B5, B6, and B12. Not only is Hemp a natural source of energy, but studies show that Hemp drinks may possess a wide range of benefits related to brain health, cognition, and mental health. The best part is, our drink is ZERO calories- giving you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

“As a person that was constantly on-the-go, I became an avid consumer of popular brand-named energy drinks. Eventually, I got weary of the constant “energy crash” feeling. One day I decided that enough is enough, there ought to be a product in the market that gives energy without side effects, naturally” said Lubin. “Komodo Energy Drink was inspired by my fascination with Indonesia and their dragons found on Komodo Island. Indonesia is known as the largest coconut producer and as a chef, it was important and fitting for me to utilize their superfruit.”