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How Does Komodo Compare To Its Competition?

In the dawn of a new age of entrepreneurship, workaholics, and young bosses, people have a constant need for more energy. The beverage industry has an array of products that all have similar claims for their results. The energy drink sector is filled with beverage companies that claim they can provide instant rejuvenation and boundless energy all while being safe for consumption. Well, with Komodo, we make sure that our products can provide the health benefits that people look for without the unhealthy factors.

Our drinks only have 56 MG of caffeine. Other popular energy drinks include the following amounts: Redbull (111 MG) Rockstar (160 MG) Bang (300 MG) Monster (86 MG) 5-Hour Energy (215 MG). According to Mayo Clinic, up to 400 MG of daily caffeine is okay for the average adult. We are well below this amount, which allows you freedom during the day to indulge in other caffeinated foods or drinks without having to worry.

We also have a fairly low sugar content for a 12-ounce beverage, only containing 12 grams of sugar, compared to the average 24-29 grams. Seeing as how WebMD identifies 30-50 grams as a healthy daily maximum for sugar, it’s safe to say that Komodo is not only well below that range but allows you to use your remaining sugar intake on other items throughout the day!  Also, Komodo has a tasty carbonated oconut water base and has natural electrolytes and B12 vitamins. Both of which are very beneficial to the body, maximizing performance and hydration.

As enforced by the FDA, Each can is BPA-NI coated and the interior coating supplied by Metlac provides a BPA-NI product which complies with California Proposition 65.

With this being said, Komodo offers a better makeup than many other beverages on the market! We won’t give you a sugar rush, a caffeine high with a killer crash, or a yucky taste in your mouth when enjoying our products! We offer you top quality results while being a healthier alternative to other products!